As a part of  renowned artist Howardena Pindell’s solo exhibition “Rope/Fire/Water” at The Shed, I had the honor to serve as the editor Pindell’s first video piece in 25 years. In this powerful work, Pindell recounts personal anecdotes and anthropological and historical data related to lynchings and racist attacks in the United States. She accompanies this voice-over with archival photos of lynchings and the historic Birmingham, Alabama, Children’s Crusade, a series of nonviolent protests carried out by young people in May 1963. The exhibit was held  from OCT 16, 2020 – MAR 28, 2021.


Rope/Fire/Water, 2020. Digital video. 16 min.
Commissioned by The Shed,
Organized by Adeze Wilford, Assistant Curator
Courtesy the artist, Howardena Pindell  Garth Greenan Gallery, and Victoria Miro Gallery. 
Edited by Ladin Awad